Blood moon

Blood moon

Last night’s blood moon

Last night a rare “blood moon” lunar eclipse was visible over western North America. Utah happened to be blessed with clear skies, so we were able to see it.

A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth sits directly between the sun and the moon, obscuring the moon completely from the sun. The sun’s light refracts around the Earth, through our atmosphere, and reflects red wavelengths from the moon back to us. This colours the moon an eerie red. It doesn’t happen during a partial eclipse.

This lunar eclipse was considered special because it’s the first in a series of four full eclipses over the next 18 months with no partials in between – a tetrad – and has some Christian significance. The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. (Joel, 2:31)

Gabriella, Max and I decided a blood moon was worth setting an alarm for, so at 12.30am, we got out of our warm beds and stood shivering outside the ski lodge. (Ian opted for more sleep.) As we stood watching the blood ooze slowly and predictably across the moon, canine creatures – whether wolves or dogs, I don’t know – started howling. It was surreal. And definitely worth the sleep deprivation.

A blood moon over the snow-covered mountains. Now imagine howling too.

A blood moon over the snow-covered mountains. Now imagine howling too.

About Natalie Gotts

I've been a management consultant, a nutritional therapist, a Journey practitioner and a mother. I've sold ostriches in China and personal safety devices in Hong Kong. Whatever I've done, and wherever I've been, I've written about it.
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4 Responses to Blood moon

  1. Nicky Howard says:

    Lovely. So glad you had those precious moments looking at this rarity. Memories….

  2. That’s fab – fascinating when you can see the root of religion and superstition happening in nature – people didn’t understand science, so needed to come up with an explanation.. hence the God of the gaps. xx

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